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In New York: The Hipster Guide to Manhattan

Just posted this over on IN, the new Scoop St. Blog. Comment, criticize, etc.


Welcome to Manhattan, hipster. Venturing outside your Williamsburg art loft may be scary, we understand, but fear not. IN is here to provide the comprehensive guide to navigating New York City’s central island so that you needn’t worry about accidentally finding yourself amidst bankers and swish steakhouses.

First, a rule of thumb: unless you are going to visit your parents, family friends, or other wealthy relatives, don’t go north of Union Square. As with any rule, there are some exceptions, but stick with this for simplicity’s sake. If you’re confused, ask us.

Next: it could be tempting to run straight to the Lower East Side and hide out there, as it embodies a balance of grunge and fashion similar to what you’re used to. While it’s a good home base, we’re here to help you get to know Manhattan, and there are other worthwhile stops.

Let’s start with the L.

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